Why good carrying system does not work for you


In short, we will pick a right backpack today for you.

We should pay more attention to the practicability and the applicability of backpack but not the appearance of backpack when picking backpack, only in this way can backpack work with full functionality.

1. Picking backpack according to the requests of your body

When you are ready to buy a backpack, pay attention to the capacity or the size?

Is it so easy? Of course not.

In fact, it is like buying clothes for you, the key point is that whether the size of backpack is the right size for you.

Someone may be less able to understand this words well. So, in other words, you must not think that you should use the big backpack because of the height of 180cm.

In fact, someone have long body and short legs, and someone have short body and long legs. Why everyone is complaining about carrying system? In fact, the real reason is that the right backpack was not picked.

what we should do for picking the right backpack? Firstly, measure the length of your body. You may have some troubles doing it, but it is very necessary. The question is that how to measure the length of body?

Look at the picture below

Now you should have known how to measure the length of your body. Do not feel troublesome, because you can pick the right backpack for you just only you have measured the length of your body exactly.

Generally speaking, if the length of your body is less than 45cm, the small backpack is the right backpack for you.

If the length of your body is between 45cm and 52cm, you should pick the medium backpack.

If the length of your body is more than 52cm, you should pick the big backpack.

Of course, there are many adjustable backpacks now.

Look at the picture below

2. Buy the backpack you need

I remember that I always thought that the belts of schoolbag are redundant, and the pockets for cup are useless when I was in a primary school, because I never carry bottled water with me.

And then I grew up, I learned that we should buy the right backpack we need.

All are mountaineering bags, but their purposes are different.

For example, hard support was not designed in rock climbing bag which was designed specially for rock climbing in order to bend along the body of climber. There are more add-on points in climbing bag which are good for hanging equipment.

Understood? Never seek all-purposes when you are ready to buy a backpack, the most important point is that the backpack is the right backpack for you or not.

3. What weight you want to carry?

If you want to be a clever backpacker, you must pick the right backpack according to the journey.

Will you have 2 days’ walk carrying 10kg materials or 7 days’ walk carrying 30kg materials?

In a word, you need buy the right traveling bag for the journey.

Let me give you an option.

Less than 45L: this capacity is suitable for lady, can be used for a day’s or two days’ camping and hiking in the proposition of good season and fine weather.

50-70L: can be used for a long time traveling and hiking in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

70-95L: if you are male, and have decided to buy a backpack, you can pick a backpack in this range. This capacity can meet the needs of all equipment needed in Winter, and be used for long trip and a long time trip.

More than 95L: these huge monsters can be used for a long time outdoor activities and a long time trip, especially the explorations and the adventuring events of climbing the snow mountain in Winter, they also can be used for carrying and transporting materials to base camp.

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