Accompanied life-saving straw — assembling of individual medical pack


Battlefield self-aid is an necessary individual skill for every soldier. Making self-aid and mutual aid is the key point of improving the survival rate and reducing disabling rate at the first time before the coming of medics when wounded on the battlefield. The army always be issued with individual medical pack in a large scale as basic equipment. Generally speaking, the emergency equipment and medicines should have the using functions such as stopping bleeding, disinfection, binding up, fixing and easing pain. These equipment and basic first aid skills can gain survival time and create evacuation conditions for the wounded. However, the aim of this article is to introduce several individual medical load equipment – medical packs with excellent designs to everyone but not to introduce the emergency equipment or the first aid skills. We can place all kinds of emergency equipment in categories with the help of a medical pack with excellent design, and we can open it quickly in a crisis and find the needed equipment at the first time when using the medical pack with excellent design as users.

Most of the US army and marine corps were issued with individual medical pack in recent 20 years. Most of these cheap common issued products only have a few compartments or even have not compartment, and the soldiers often be rushed at the using moment because all kinds of first aid supplies were placed together. But many commercial products on the marketwith excellent designs make up this shortage. The following are introductions of many selected medical packs with excellent designs.

  1. HSGI Tourniquet / Medical Scissors Carrying Pack

This medical pack just need a small space for mounting because of its slim shape. The back with MALICE structure was mounted at MOLLE platform.

There are three short webbing sewn onto two sides of this medical pack, and which can fix single hand tourniquet on the outside in order to have it at the ready position with the help of rubber band.

There are places for containing and fixing medical scissors here.

Because of the slim shape and the only open top of this medical pack, a quick taking handle was designed specially in the inner of medical pack in order to take contents out quickly.

2. SOE Small and Quick Release Medical Pack

Most of medical packs were fixed on the MOLLE platform, so which often be installed at a ready position in order to be found quickly when needed. Quick release design was adopted in this medical pack, we can take it off and place it at a ready position when needed in order to save more valuable space for ammunition and other equipment.

This medical contains two parts MALICE quick release platform and the body of medical pack. Medical pack was fixed in the quick release platform with the help of velcro and buckle, we only need open the buckle and put off it when needed.

Striking red webbing were adopted in the trolley of medical pack.

Fully opened design was adopted in the medical pack in order to find the needed objects quickly for soldiers.

Two short webbing in the sides of medical pack can be used for fixing medical scissors or tourniquet.

3. Holy Spirit Special Medical Pack

Because the units issued are the special units of army, Smoke Green was adopted in this set of carrying equipment made by Holy Spirit. This medical pack can contain more first aid supplies because of its bigger size. Other small-scale accessories bags can be added with the help of the frontal MOLLE system. LCS mounting system with the patent of Holy Spirit was adopted in the back of medical pack, and without snap fastener, so it is lighter than the traditional MOLLE.

There is a quick open handle in the top of medical pack. We can quickly open medical pack fully by pulling off the handle forcibly after placing two zippers in between positions. At present, this design has been adopted in most of fully opened medical pack. Saving the wounded is race against death, a second can give the wounded more hope.

All kinds of dressings, bandages, tourniquets and other emergency equipment can be placed in categories with the help of many compartments and elastic fixed band in the inner of medical pack.

The contract number with GS as the beginning indicates that this medical pack is procurement of good of federal government but not procurement of good of the military.

4. Black Hawk S.T.R.I.K.E System Medical Pack

The traditional fully opened design was adopted in this medical pack same with the fully opened design of SFLCS/FSBE II.

Elastic compartments with varying shapes and sizes and interlayers can contain all kinds of first aid supplies.

5. Special Accessories Bag for Tourniquet

This small-scale MOLLE accessory with simple structure is used specifically for carrying with integration of medical scissors and C-A-T single hand tourniquet. It is very convenient and accords with emergency procedures that stopping bleeding with tourniquet after cutting open the clothes of the wounded and finding the bleeding parts.